Compilation of necessary information about the IR Schone drying machine

Tuesday, 20/12/2022, 11:11 GMT+7
Many units that are in the process of converting from manual wood processing to modern wood production lines have many questions about the IR dryer from the Schone brand.

Is this machine worth investing in and what benefits can it bring to the production unit? To answer these questions and help customers understand more about this product, below is an overview of the IR Schone drying machine.


1. Overview of important information about IR Schone dryers


Schone brand

Schone is known as a large corporation specializing in researching and producing high-tech machinery to promote the development of the woodworking industry. The products of this brand are highly rated for their quality and meet European standards. Therefore, SCHÖNE's products are widely accepted in many countries.

IR Schone dryers are widely used


Advantages of IR Schone dryers

Schone IR Dryer is a technology product that operates based on the principle of infrared heat combined with better infrared radiation and reflection. There is a thermal cycle partition in the working area of the furnace body, and inside the furnace body and thermal cycle partition. The inner surface of the loop partition is coated with a far infrared radiation layer.

Compared to common dryers, Schone IR Dryer can heat up the same material at the same temperature in only 2/3 of the time, significantly reducing energy waste and improving heating efficiency. In addition, the infrared temperature of the Scone paint machine can be adjusted from 0 - 150 degrees Celsius, suitable for painting different types of paint.

In addition to speeding up production, Schone IR Dryer can also reduce errors. By reducing dust or any objects in the air that fly, the quality of the product is guaranteed to be higher. Another noticeable advantage is that manufacturers can reduce space for furniture arrangement because they do not have to wait for them to dry. This creates efficiency throughout the production process.

Schone IR Dryer owns many outstanding advantages

This high-tech device is also optimized for design, making it easy for users to operate without getting confused when performing tricks to make the machine work.

In addition, this device also brings many other outstanding advantages such as:

  • Use Schone IR dryer machine to improve the physical properties of ink and adhesives.
  • Using Schone IR dryer machine can achieve faster production speed and higher power thanks to fast transmission speed and modern IR drying technology.
  • Enhance production and minimize waste.
  • Significantly reduce labor costs.
  • Protect the environment and save energy without controlling emissions.

Schone IR Dryer Machine - The top choice of businesses


2. Supplier of IR Schone dryers in Vietnam

The IR dryer from the Schone brand is a product line that is officially distributed by Vetta (Viet Dai Company) in Vietnam. Therefore, customers can easily access this modern device domestically without the need to go to other countries to order, which can be costly and time-consuming. At the same time, if purchased remotely, it is difficult to maintain, repair, or service the machine if it breaks down or has any issues.

For these reasons, Vetta will be the top destination for wood processing companies that want to improve their production quality and competitiveness compared to other companies. All products at Vetta are imported directly from the manufacturers with a commitment to reliable warranty according to Schone's commitment, so customers can be completely assured.

In addition, Vetta also has a team of highly skilled and specialized technical staff who can provide maintenance, repair, and servicing for customers. Moreover, all essential components related to the IR Schone dryer are readily available at the company, so customers do not need to go anywhere to buy them.

Vetta - reputable supplier of IR Schone dryers

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Above are our shares about Schone IR drying machine. We hope that the information provided above can help you understand more about this equipment. If you need to order or have any questions, please contact us for advice and support.

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