Review of the advantages of the Schone dust brush machine

Friday, 02/12/2022, 11:54 GMT+7
Schone dust brush machine belongs to the modern UV paint line segment. At first glance, this device may not seem very important for the paint line, but if you are familiar with UV paint, you will see the great role of this device.

To help customers learn more about the SCHÖNE brand's line of paint dust brush machines, let's refer to the article below.


1. The outstanding advantages of Schone dust brush machine


Convenience when using

In the process of processing and manufacturing wood, a large amount of sawdust and wood dust is generated. Sawdust can affect workers in the factory as well as stick to the surfaces of machine edges, production lines, and wood products during painting stages. The common solution that many people think of is self-cleaning. However, these cleaning methods still cannot solve the problem of large amounts of sawdust flying in the air and sticking to wood surfaces in the painting stage.

Schone dust brush machine is widely used

To address this issue, the Schone brand has brought modern solutions called Schone dust brush machine. The Schone dust brush machine is designed to be installed on UV paint lines. This is a paint line with the ability to spray paint and dry it quickly under the influence of UV rays. When using this dust brush device, customers can completely trust that the wood surface after painting will not be stuck with dust, ensuring the smoothest and finest surface. It solves the problem of sawdust sticking to the wood surface, which reduces the value of the product.


Fast Dusting Speed

Schone dusting machines come in a variety of different segments. However, overall, all of the dusting products from this well-known brand have a fast dusting speed. This helps to speed up the construction progress while still ensuring the best condition for the wood surface after painting.

Schone dusting machine has many outstanding advantages


High Durability

Schone always strives to apply high-quality materials and components to be able to research products with the longest-lasting applications and highest durability. Therefore, Schone dusting machines are also highly regarded for their durability, with their exterior surfaces made of stainless steel and powder coating, anti-rust and anti-corrosion, protecting the machine for a long time over time.


2. Schone dusting machines that customers can refer to

Currently, Schone is constantly designing and supplying various different dusting machines to the market. This helps woodworking workshops and companies easily choose products that are suitable for their characteristics, finances, and wood production scale. Below are some of the Schone dusting machine segments that customers can refer to:

  • Four-head brush machine.
  • Double brush machine.
  • Steel three-head brush machine.

Diverse Schone dust brush machines


3. Schone dust brush machine distributors in the market

Currently, in the Vietnamese market, it is very difficult to find suppliers of modern technology solutions for wood production and processing. Therefore, customers looking to buy Schone dust brush machines also face many difficulties, even though this is a very popular device in many countries around the world.

However, don't worry because currently, Vetta Company has registered to become a distributor of Schone dust brush machines in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, if customers want to buy genuine products, this is definitely the top destination for you. At Vetta Company, all SCHÖNE brush machines are distributed at the manufacturer's listed price, so there will be no mass discounting due to the limited supply in the market. In addition, Vetta also commits to providing warranties for customers when ordering from them, so customers can rest assured.

Vetta - reputable supplier of Schone dust brush machines

In addition, at Vetta, we have a large number of highly skilled technical staff with ample expertise, who can provide consultation, technical support, maintenance and servicing for the Schone dust cleaner machines. Therefore, customers do not need to worry too much about ordering high-tech equipment that may be difficult to repair.

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Above are the details that we would like to provide to customers who are interested in learning about the production and processing lines for wood, in particular the Schone dust collector machines. If customers want to consult and place an order, they can contact us for assistance.

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